Fork & Yoke Repairs Professional Alignment Checking & Straightening

After a heavy accident, forks and yokes should be checked for alignment by a professional. This must be done using specialist equipment, as it is not always possible to see any signs of damage with the naked eye.

Fork Checking and Straightening

We can check and straighten all types of forks including Conventional forks, Upside down forks, Telescopic forks and Girder forks.

The process is done using many special tools, presses and formers depending on the style and damaged of the fork again combined with our many years experience of fork repairs.

Yoke Straightening & Repair

Yokes are another commonly "overlooked" part when a motorcycle has been in an accident, yoke sets are very common to sustain damage, especially the bottom yoke and stem.

Yokes - Before and After

Even if a yoke set is very twisted out of alignment this will NOT be noticeable just by looking at them with the naked eye. It is sometimes the case after an accident that the forks would be perfectly straight but the yokes are very much out of alignment.

Do NOT assume that if the forks slide into the yokes that neither is out of alignment.

The process of straightening a set of yokes is also undertaken in different ways depending on the severity of the damage and the material (cast iron, aluminium, etc.) all of which can be straightened to a very high degree of accuracy.

Fork & Yoke Checking: Please call for prices.

Girder Forks Can Be Checked And Straightened Girder Forks Being Checked For Alignment Girder Forks Being Checked For Alignment Modern Alloy Yokes Can Be Checked And Straightened
Girder Forks Can Be Checked And Straightened